Inwood Material Terminal (IMT, is a company that recycles construction debris in Far Rockaway, Queens (11691). They grind down the materials and create huge piles of dirt that are now exceeding the concrete walls surrounding the plant. When the wind blows off the Bay, that debris is spread throughout the community, coating windows, cars, and people, making it difficult for residents to breathe. Community leaders have been in touch with elected officials and other community leaders, and many attended a meeting where IMT discussed its desire to expand its operations. When community members raised concerns about the existing air quality, they said they passed the necessary air quality and sound testing, and invited residents to apply for grants to raise money to put a cap over the facility. Also in their defense, IMT noted that they provide jobs to the community, but what good is a job if you can’t breathe?

In response, Rockaways Neighbors Helping Neighbors is initiating a campaign in the name of our community’s health and wellbeing. Our Let us Breathe campaign focuses on uniting neighbors to challenge and change these conditions.

If you are interested in learning more and/or getting involved, please contact us!

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