Rockaway Neighbors Helping Neighbors is committed to advocating for our community on the basis of facts. For this reason, we have carried out multiple community surveys – and are continuing to do so! Our previous community surveys have ultimately manifested as reports, including The Impact of Living in NYCHA, and Rockiness in the Rockaways – Five Years of RAD at Ocean Bay Houses. In the winter of 2023, we began a third community survey that sought to followup and expand on previous surveys. Specifically, the survey continued to ask neighbors about “the impact of living in NYCHA”, adding questions that asked about their involved and awareness of policy changes that might effect our community.

Topics in Survey

  • Latest regulatory changes NYCHA is
  • Knowledge of Resident Councils
  • Top issues with living conditions
  • Health implications
  • Assessment of NYCHA‚Äôs management

From our preliminary findings, at least two things stand out as new pieces of information –

  • First, half or more of our neighbors are not aware of the changes NYCHA is pursuing for our homes, nor are they aware of how those changes will alter the regulatory nature of their homes.
  • Second, most people who answered the survey question (83 out of 84) wanted more information.

Two additional interrelated findings stand out as now chronic problems our community confronts – daily.

  • We continue to carry the costs of disinvestment and neglect in our bodies, as well-known repair issues in our buildings and homes (like elevator outages, issues with heat and hot water, rodent infestations and mold outbreaks, and delays in maintanance and cleaning) continue unabated, creating ill-health for our communities and unsafe living conditions.

As 2024 unfolds, we are continuing to survey our neighbors on these questions, and we urge you to take 15 minutes to share your experiences with us. In doing so, you will also be entered into a raffle for a $50 gift card.

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